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    A Mediterranean Discovery

    The sun splashes coral paint against the entire bay… That lifting, peaceful, tranquil state of afternoons reminds you once again of your strong ties to life. Those waves softly licking the sands, as if to call to adventure. You heed the call of the Mediterranean… Calling you to discover it, set sail towards the horizon. Your hair flows around in the soft breeze. The time has come. Go ahead, set sail…

    A brand new experience fromHillside Beach Club: Trimaran. A sail-driven yacht, trimaranscomprise a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls. On a trimaran, not only will you enjoy the ride but also have a unique experienceexploring the bay where Hillside Beach Club is located.

    A short glimpse at history tells us indigenous Polynesians and other Pacific islandersbuilt the first trimarans almost 4,000 years ago. The term “trimaran” is a 20th century word, the merging of “tri” and “catamaran.”Sailing catamarans and trimaransgained popularity in the 1960s and 70s. Compared to other sailing crafts, trimarans are known for their ability to float with more ease and perform much better in low winds than high. Today, various lengths of trimarans are built, at times used for hauling loads. The Hillside Beach Club was the first in Turkey to import a trimaran from France.

    Truly a recreational craft, trimarans are not required to be operated by licensed sailors. Some experience in sailing is all you need to do well on a trimaran. With no sailing experience, you are only one hour away from a fun adventure—we have got your training covered!

    Hillside Beach Club sports three trimarans: two “adventure island”s and one “adventure tandem” are at your service for a memorable experience. So be our guest—heed the Mediterranean’s call, watch the sunset on a trimaran, sail through golden glimmer in turquoise waters. Happy discoveries! 


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    Take a Break at Silent Beach

    Trace perfect tranquility… Slowly close in on a peaceful, purifying experience for the body, mind, and soul. In the heart of nature, to the rhythm of nature, take a deep breath in anticipation of a string of moments in harmony with your own self. Positive thoughts, nature’s murmurs, soothing scents shall take you to place—a place you have desired for quite a while now.It’s nothing but the ambiance at Silent Beach that puts a smile on your face…

    Want to know how? Enter Silent Beach: literally silent, away from chaos, adults only, and no cell phones ringing—brought to you by Hillside Beach Club. For a true rest, hear nothing but the sound of the sea, gaze at the breathtaking view, and experience the tranquility of a meditation session. Above all, bond with nature in the midst of it. Listen to the soft breeze, the sound of paper as you turn pages, hear the waves… Here is a silent break to remain with you year-round, a relaxing memory to give you a smile each time you return to that moment in time. 

    Each morning, yoga classes in this tranquil atmosphere offer a chance to brush aside quotidian worries. You may very well pamper yourself with out-of-this-world Nature SPA therapies tickling all your senses. This exercise in silence is sure to get your inner voice heardand help you de-stress at a beach that almost feels like a self-discovery.

    Let the sound of the waves take you away… image

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    Imagine a summer… A vacation full of new and unforgetable experiences… Have you ever tried water sports? If your answer is no, then it’s time to discover a new world at Hillside Beach Club because it is a perfect way to escape for you and to express your joy of life! And if it is yes, you’re about to become a master with our compedent


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    Top 10 Historical Sites near Fethiye

    The historical sites shown below are the most important ones while visiting Fethiye. Theatre, monuments and ruins that surround Fethiye will take you to the homeland of Lycian empire… Almost thousand years back…image

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    Fethiye and Diving

    Fethiye is the home of different ancient historical states. Beaches that surround history and nature accommodate more than millions of tourists every year. Holiday in Fethiye is not only sea and sun bathing. Different sport activities will help you to explore your potential and make new iends.image

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    Walking in the Lycian Road…

    How about a brief history tour?

    People of Luvi, whom are a mix of Indian and European races, first moved to central Anatolia and thereafter to their future homeland in south west part of Turkey between Fethiye and Antalya. 


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    Flying on top of the clouds in Fethiye Ölüdeniz…

    Just dream… You are climbing up high to the mountains… Winds of Mediterranean is touching your face like a soft hand… Smell of Thyme mixes with the crystal clear blue skies …You are now up 2.000 meters high, almost on top of Babadağ, one of the highest peaks in Ölüdeniz to

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    Things to do in Fethiye City Centre

    You have arrived Fethiye and checked in to your hotel. Most of the hotels around have all the necessary facilities, good food and action. However, there are various number of historical attractions, sports, shopping and cultural activities you can taste before you leave thisimage

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    Souveniers of Fethiye

    Fethiye has a large market where you can find many gifts and hand crafts during your holiday.  Its market, namely Paspatur, is incredibly crowded by tourists every night. 

    Leather gifts such as cigarette lighter covers, notebooks, bum bags, shoulder bags and silver goods are the most important small items that


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    Top Activities in Fethiye

    In this post we will be summarizing you the top activities you can try during your stay in Fethiye…


    Tandem paragliding jumps are extremely exciting and Fethiye is the world’s best place to do this. You will be spending around 30 minutes in image

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