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    Fethiye and Its beaches

    Fethiye is the home for the best beaches in the world.  These beatiful opportunities lie just between Aegean and Mediterranean seas. If you are up for Blue Voyage or day trip with a boat, you will have chance to explore the small islands, coves and beaches surrounded in this area. Here are the favorite beaches of Fethiye:image

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    The never-ending solar energy…

    Let’s say while you are sunbathing on the beach, your mobile phone is over charging, so what will you do? Here we step in and recommend you to use “Recharges powered by solar energy”. 

    As the first practitioner of global trends we have brought a new service called “Recharges powered by solar energy” after sunglass cleaning service and e-book reader service… Now, you are free to recharge your tablet computers and mobile phones everywhere in the daylight.

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    Just take a deep breath and live the rest to us

    We have hosted many people -whether they are local visitors or foreign tourists- and up to this time our only goal was helping them to feel good! That’s why we offer you an endless summer joy to experience this sense in every term of your holiday… Come and lose yourself in this hidden paradise and live your heavenly dream during the summer.

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    Close your eyes and think of somewhere…

    Just imagine that you are listening Vivaldi For Seasons accompanied by the gentle sounds of waves… In fact, this is not just a dream or an imagine! Last summer our guests had amazing moments with“Classical music concert on the sea” and this classical music concert was broadcasted live on Hillside Beach Club Facebook Fan Page! Thank you to the Hacettepe Chamber Orchestra and our guests for sharing these exquisite moments with us…


Hillside Beach Club

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