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    Fethiye and Its beaches

    Fethiye is the home for the best beaches in the world.  These beatiful opportunities lie just between Aegean and Mediterranean seas. If you are up for Blue Voyage or day trip with a boat, you will have chance to explore the small islands, coves and beaches surrounded in this area. Here are the favorite beaches of Fethiye:image

    Çalış Beach 

    Çalış is one of the best places to watch the sun set. Its 5km long beach is the home for Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles and their eggs. You can watch Knight`s Island from the hills near the beach. You can reach in 30 minutes here by using the small boats that depart from Fethiye marina. Its mild windy atmosphere will save you in hot dry days… 

    Günlüklü Cove

    The cove takes its name from a special tree that only grows around here. This tree keeps the oxygen high up in level. This makes the area special and fresh. This is an important stop for Caravan camping and blue voyage boats. 

    Kıdırak Beach

    This beach is very close to Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) beach and has crystal clear and calm waters. It has toilets and café as well. If you want to have a quiet day this should be your choice. 

    Kelebekler Vadisi

    Surrounded by mountains, this incredible valley is being visited by millions of tourists every year. To reach here you have to get on to Ovacik mini bus from Fethiye bus terminal. From Ovacık you can carry with Taxi or again with minibus to get to the valley. Another alternative is to take the boat from Dead Sea beach. 

    This area is 5km away from Belcekız Beach and after Kıdırak Beach. You can easily notice young tourists camping nearby this area. Butterfly valley got its name from the tiger butterflies living around here. You can not reach this area during winter and autumm due to rise of sea level. 


    Kabak Cove

    The neighbour of the valley is Kabak Cove. Due to tough transportation, the area is more quiet and clean. It is segmented as priority protected area by the Municipality of Culture and Tourism.  Almost every camper and tourist respects the area and preserves it well.  Apart from beautiful sea, sunrise, sun set, diving, walking around waterfalls and visiting the turquoise cave are the top activities you can try while you are in here. 

    Turan, Reflektions, Mete, Sultans, Shambala, Gemiler ve Kabak Natural Life are the prominent camping grounds in Kabak Cove. 


    Katrancı Cove

    This is another small and very well kept beach and cove. It is a bit far away compared to others but still worth visiting. Camping is again popular around here. You can catch fish and ask the restaurant to cook it for you., which is a unique experience.

    Oyuktepe coves

    These coves lie 3-4 km away from Fethiye city center. You can easily reach it by a mini bus. Mempaşa, Küçük ve Büyük Samanlık, Boncuklu, Kuleli Aksazlar, Akvaryum, Turunç Pınarı are the prominent coves and they are worth visiting. Camping is also a great option for accommodation.


    12 Islands

    This area is the most popular area to explore beaches via boat tours. Every morning there are tens of boats departing from Fethiye marina to take you to a wonderful island tours. 12 Islands and Dead Sea tours are the ones that are the important choices.

    Kızıl Island, Yassıca Island, Tersane Island, Domuz Island and Delikli Island are the important ones.  Cleopatra’s bath, Bedri Rahmi cove (takes its name from famous Turkish Novelist) and Gemiler Island is other favourite locations of the tourists. 

    Do not forget to visit cove of Aquarium, Cold Water Cove and Deve Beach.


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