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    Souveniers of Fethiye

    Fethiye has a large market where you can find many gifts and hand crafts during your holiday.  Its market, namely Paspatur, is incredibly crowded by tourists every night. 

    Leather gifts such as cigarette lighter covers, notebooks, bum bags, shoulder bags and silver goods are the most important small items that


    you can take back to your country. 

    Knitting and Hand Crafts

    Nearby villages and their creative Anatolian women present their fabrics, carpets and souvenirs in this market. Knitting and Woven fabrics are very popular around Fethiye area. Using natural colours and technique, these carpets and goodies are custom made and very precious. 

    Village of Üzümlü has a special knitting technique called Dastar. Using white mainly as the colour, Dastar is a hard technique and especially used on cotton fabrics. Seydiler, Atlıdere, Karaçulha and Eldirek villages name the designs of these items because of their unique styles. 

    Kolan is also another technique and type of fabric. It is knitted with long and thin lines and in different colours. Kolan has its own special templates reflecting the region.

    Seydiler and Karaçulha carpets, bags, cotton fabrics and souvenirs that are made of sea products are also other items to look for…


    Traditional and Regional Music Instruments of Fethiye

    There are very important Turkish music instruments which are only produced around this region. These are called Üç Telli, Sipsi and Kabak Kemane.

    Sipsi, is a flute type Turkish folk music instrument. Like Kabak Kemane, you can hear its sound in the traditional Fethiye regional folk music called “Teke Region”. This instrument is widely known from Fethiye and lies on its northern areas till to the borders of another famous Turkish city, Denizli. 

    Üç Telli, (3 strings) is another guitar type, string featured Turkish music instrument. Its name is given as it only has three strings to play different notes.


    Kabak Kemane, is another string featured music instrument. It has come a long way from Asia where Turkish heritage is based. This instrument is widely used in Aegean region.


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