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    Things to do in Fethiye City Centre

    You have arrived Fethiye and checked in to your hotel. Most of the hotels around have all the necessary facilities, good food and action. However, there are various number of historical attractions, sports, shopping and cultural activities you can taste before you leave thisimagebeatiful town.  Now let`s check out what this beatiful town and their warm people offer you…

    City Centre

    As we have summarised in our other articles, Fethiye has incredible amount of historical monuments even in ciy Centre. Monuments and graves of Telmessos, ancient theatres, tombs, rock graves and museums are the important sites that surround Fethiye City Centre. The market, Paspatur, is open 24 hours during summer. The food and fruit market also settles on Tuesdays and Sundays so that you can enjoy different type of Turkish food, fruit and spices.

    Turkish farmers especially grow olives, fresh fruits, whneat and cotton. Fishing is another important element of the daily life of Aegean people.

    You should definately visit the fish market in Fethiye. If you have not lived in Turkey before, this could be a life time experience for you. You can ask the fisherman to clean the fish and also cook in a nearby restaurant in moments time. 

    Ancient Theatre

    Being still under restoration, this theatre is being converted to a open air museum. It had a lot of problems in the past due to severe earth quakes and now authorities try to recover it to its best shape. You can find Lycian tombs and special content written on the walls. You should also visit the tombs that are curently held in the municipality building`s garden. 


    Sea Front

    Visiting and strolling at the sea front is very traditional in Turkey. All Turkish sea side towns is constructed to have a long walking path near sea front. This area is almost live for 24 hours. You can see Turkish families walking for long hours with their kids, buying them ice creams, baloons and chatting. Fish restaurants try to invite you to their restaurants in a warm, funny and chatty way. 

    You can see many cruising boats near sea front. They board around 09:00 every morning for taking their customers to excellent beaches near Fethiye. Your lunch is on board as well. They return back around 18:00 before your dinner. All boats have bar, drinks and toilets on board. The most preferred cruise tours definately pass, 12 Islands, Dalyan and Cleopatra beaches


    Marina of Fethiye has built and launched around 2004. Turkey started becoming on of the most prominent yatch destination in  Europe. More than 500 yatches can be stored in this modern marina with Internet, TV, Electricity, fresh water and other facilities. You can just walk the area and fancy the big yatches and chat with their owners. 


    Tombs of Lycian Kings

    These are the symbols of Fethiye. These graves are put in high up on the mountains that lie behind Fethiye. You can notice them even from a distance. The most important grave belongs to Amytas which was built before AD 4. The content over the tomb gives identification about the King`s personality.


    Castle of Fethiye

    Castle is on the southern part of the city. It also has some Rock Graves behind as well. The Castle is surrounded with walls and built to protect the old city. This castle is said to belong to St. John and his knights.


    Street of Bars

    Every Turkish holiday resort have a very entertaining and lively athmosphere. After 19:00 It becomes very hard to walk in these streets because of the crowd. You can even see beach bars near beach of Çalış. (This athmosphere can be found on the last James Bond movie which was shot in 2012)

    Young local bands play both Turkish and famous European songs that most of the people know. This makes both tourists and local people get closer. You will also see the young Turkish people try to invite you to their bars and an enormous amount of competition lie between tens of different bars. But of course the choice is yours ?

    Hisarönü region looks like a small British resort. There are many British citizen lives here due to warm people, entertaining athmosphere, great variety of food and of course the beauty of weather & sea.


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