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    Flying on top of the clouds in Fethiye Ölüdeniz…

    Just dream… You are climbing up high to the mountains… Winds of Mediterranean is touching your face like a soft hand… Smell of Thyme mixes with the crystal clear blue skies …You are now up 2.000 meters high, almost on top of Babadağ, one of the highest peaks in Ölüdeniz to

    fly with a highly experienced pilot of a paraglider. Yes, we are talking about Paragliding. Fethiye is one of the best places in the world to practice or experience this sport. Thousands of paragliding fans come together during April and October of every year to have this chance… Flying above the clouds…

    Babadağ, is a village on top of the town of Fethiye in Muğla; the touristic city of Turkey hosting Marmaris and Bodrum as well. Ölüdeniz beach lies just in front of this tiny village`s hill skirts. You have to spend around 50 minutes of beautiful journey with your paragliding agency till to the top of the mountain where you would be jumping for your adventure. Jumping points are at 1.700m and 2.000 respectively. The wide jumping runway on 1.700m faces the southern winds and they enable this runway to be the best spot to jump all day long.

    When you reach the top of the hill, adrenalin on your body start to rise. You will be gettting a short but detailed briefing from the crew. You have to obey all the rules to have a safe and unforgettable adventure.

    All paragliding agencies stand nearby the Ölüdeniz beach. You have the priviledge to ask all the necessary documents and accrediation by the government authorities. Flight safety is key for all of them. The price that you have been quoted generally includes transportation from your hotel to jumping point and back, park enterance fees, equipment rental, insurance and professional pilot fees. Some of the agencies that are extremely experienced on paragliding are Skysports, Aventura, Easy Riders, Focus Turizm and Extreme Tandem.

    As the winds and temperature levels totally change the climate conditions, you have to have proper clothing, wear helmet and jumpsuit. As the tandem flights have special harness and belt system, you are recommended to wear relax outfits to enjoy the ride. Experience pilots use the hot air flows and can get high up to 3.000m high by using the paraglide. Maximum weight allowed for take off is round 200kgs for two people on a tandem flight. 

     Touristic paragliding experience is around 30-40 minutes depending on the weather conditions. You will have chance to see St. Nicholas Island, Ölüdeniz district and lagoon, Valley of Butterflies and finally the beach of Belcekız where you will be landing as your final destination of your epic journey. You can even see Rhodes Island of Greece if the weather permits. 

    Paragliding has become a famous sport since 1980s. Very light parachute fabric techology let the people to fly with these equipment by using the hot air streams on top of 1.500m. Pilot jump by filling their glides with air on a windy, preferably high hill tops and use the streams to maneuvre till to landing. 

    Since 2.000, Ölüdeniz also hosts International Air Festival of Paragliding. Thousands of avid paragliders get together for the end of the season around fourth week of October to enjoy the great athmosphere and hospitality of Turkish nature, food, weather and people. 

    Paragliding in  Ölüdeniz,  is also said to be one of the “ best sport activity to try before you die ” . Some of the celebrities have tried this exciting activity are Vanessa Williams, Drummer of the music group Queen; Roger Taylor and  Bob Geldof.

    Ölüdeniz is referred as “ a place that attaches wings to people* ” by most of the sports authorities. It is absolutely a beatiful place to enjoy as a whole holiday with adventerous sports, great sea, activities, food, nature, food, people and of course the ten month availabilty of sunshine. 

    Now; as a summary: When are you coming to Ölüdeniz and try flying with your wings ? 

    *= Quoted from Turkish Focus magazine.


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