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    Fethiye and Diving

    Fethiye is the home of different ancient historical states. Beaches that surround history and nature accommodate more than millions of tourists every year. Holiday in Fethiye is not only sea and sun bathing. Different sport activities will help you to explore your potential and make new iends.image

    The boats that carry tens of diving fans depart from Fethiye every day early in the morning. There are two main diving opportunities in this tour, each around 30 minutes. These are called discovery diving tours. 

    All instructors are certified from International authorities like PADI, CMAS and BSAC. If you like underwater, comfortable under or above the sea, you can even take a whole course during your holiday week to get the basic certification..

    Courses are split into two, theory and practical. Courses covering the theory of diving are usually given after your dinner for 1hr everyday on the deck. Practical sessions include application of theory during the day diving courses. You can read and study your diving courses when you are on the boat cruising for another diving spot. During your journey, you can spot sea turtles or even sometimes dolphins. Under the water you will see octopus, barracuda and lobsters.

    You will be reading more details of the diving spots below.


    The most important diving point of Fethiye

    Afkule ve Turkish Bath

    This is far more the best diving spot of Fethiye. There are interesting caves located on the end of the cove. You can dive up to minus 40 meters and explore the beauty of under water. The entrance of the second spot is called Turkish bath because of its warm water and sea level entrance.  The cave is only 6 meters in depth so your friends might join you even with a snorkel. The lights passing from the rocks make this cave a spectacular and magical spot. You might also see large fish close to this area.

    Sarıyarlar – Sea Horse Cove

    You can spot yellow sea horses and green underwater sandy fields in this diving spot. 

    Shrimp Cove 

    The entrance of this cave is around - 26 meters which makes it a difficult spot. You can see shrimps near the minus 18th meters which gives its name to the spot as well. Only one diver at a time can enter to this spot. Experience is essential.

    Barracuda Spot

    The beauty of this diving spot starts around minus 14th meters and gives an opportunity for diving up to minus 45 meters. If you want to experience under water wall diving, this is it. Lagos and Barracuda are the main fish you can see near this area. There are different sea plants and colourful rocks.


    3 Tunnels

    This is also another spot for experienced divers. It reaches up to minus 30 meters. You will notice the tunnel entrances after the minus 20th meters. You can only enter by two people at a time. You can see different fish named Lapin around its sandy base. This spot is magical because of its fish variety.

    Turunç Pınarı

    This diving spot has a limited underwater sight. You can see historical amphora around minus 15 meters. The spot is close to Fethiye and mainly used by the shorter second diving spot for daily tours. 

    Balaban Island

    The underwater sight distance is the longest here. You can have chance to explore amphora, wall diving and different sea animals near the rocky spots. Vat is another type of fish you can easily spot here.


    İblis Burnu

    The point here meets with mountains and sea. That’s why you can have different underwater rock formations. Also Amphora can be found here quite frequently. 

    Dalyan Cove

    This is a great start point for first timers. The depth is around -10 meters and is very suitable for night diving sessions. 

    Kızıl Ada Feneri

    This location is also suitable for experienced divers. You dive first to 8 meters than to 15. The spot is always selected for early morning dive sessions. The sea level around 15 meters seems like an ancient theatre.

    Fethiye Diving Schools

    Aquapro Divers:0252 614 03 66

    Blue World Diving Centre:0252 617 04 50

    Detay Water sports:0252 633 64 57

      Divers Delight:0252 612 10 99

      Ekvan Diving School:0252 633 64 06

      European Diving:0252 614 97 71

      M E V Water Sports:0252 614 83 60

      Med Dıvıng Centre:0252 614 93 12

      Mega Sports Safari:0252 614 67 16

      Mermaid Diving:0252 612 35 03

      Plato Sports:0536 446 16 80


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