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    Top 10 Historical Sites near Fethiye

    The historical sites shown below are the most important ones while visiting Fethiye. Theatre, monuments and ruins that surround Fethiye will take you to the homeland of Lycian empire… Almost thousand years back…image


    This is one of the oldest city of the Lycian States formed on the mountains of Fethiye. Xantos is located only 55 kilometers west of Fethiye. This city is known as the religious and managerial centre of the Lycian Federation. During the Persian attacks (B.C. 545), Xantos fighters killed most of their women and children to decline surrender. After this they torched themselves and burned but have not gave their soul to the Persian. Only 80 families survived in this disaster. These moved and formed Xantos again. B.C. 333, Alexander the great reached here and the habitants of Xantos became Hellenic. Syrians, Romans and Arabs are the forces invaded these lands. The ruins still stand in a very large site. You can park your car and take a cheap ticket to visit the ruins. Your tour will be like a visit back to ancient times… 


    If you pass village of Eşen, which is between Kas and Fethiye, you will get 6 km closer to Pinara ruins. Village of Minare had its name due to the rock tombs looking like Minaret. This village is formed by some of the survivors of Xantos. Pinara is one of the villages that had surrendered to Alexander the great. The village has an extensive history which goes till to Troyan times. This is the only village that had 3 strong votes in the Lycian federation. After Alexander`s death, the village ruled by the Kingdom of Bergama. Part of the village destroyed by the earth quake in 1957.


    Telmessos is the original name of Fethiye. This city has formed around B.C. 500. Rock tombs, graves and theatre are the most important ruins that visitor should not miss here. The ancient theatre is in Fethiye city centre and the excavation is still undergoing since 1993.


    This is one of the oldest settlement in Lycian federation that lies 28 kilometers far away from Fethiye. This is known as the sports centre of the Lycian federation and rumors mention that Pegasus lived here. Stadium, Acrapol, Gymnasyum, Palaestra and Baths are the important ruins. You can reach here while you head to the direction of Antalya from Fethiye. Just turn to Kemer Bucağı road and pass village of Çatallar. You can see Lycian tombs and also find special Turkish local drink, Ayran.



    This historical centre lies 9km east of village of Üzümlü. This village is also 18km away from Fethiye. These Roman ruins are on top of a mountain that is 1.000m high. You can clearly see whole Xantos valley from this point.


    Most important port of the Lycian Empire is now behind the shores of the Mediterranean due to the formation of Dalyan penninsula. It is surrounded by mountains, tombs and valleys. This port was the main stop-over point for the ships cruising between Mediterranean and Aegean seas. It has an amphi-theatre of at least 5.000 seating capacity.



    This is the spiritual and religious centre of Lycian Federation. Most of the big temples are here. The large temple constructed under the rule of King Arbinas was discovered in the excavation started in 1962.


    Patara is located south west corner of Xantos valley which is 4 kilometers close to the main road. During the research, coins and tiles found here that belong to B.C. 700. The city has surrendered to Alexander the Great without fighting against his forces. After the death of Alexander, Egyptian Kingdom has ruled the city.



    This village is called Karmylassos and lies on the south side of Fethiye. This is a definate spot to visit. After the independance war of Turkey, most of the Greek population left this village. After that incident, no one has ever settled here. This is known as one of the ghost towns of the world. Stone houses are built in the first ages of Ottoman Empire.


    Fethiye Museum

    The idea of the museum has started in the beginning of 60`s. However it launched in 1987. The precious parts collected from the ruins of Lycian Federation are secured and presented in this museum. It has two halls called Archeology and Ethnography where various monuments and objects from Temple of Arthemisses and the precious ‘Izraza tombı’ secured here. 


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