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    Take a Break at Silent Beach

    Trace perfect tranquility… Slowly close in on a peaceful, purifying experience for the body, mind, and soul. In the heart of nature, to the rhythm of nature, take a deep breath in anticipation of a string of moments in harmony with your own self. Positive thoughts, nature’s murmurs, soothing scents shall take you to place—a place you have desired for quite a while now.It’s nothing but the ambiance at Silent Beach that puts a smile on your face…

    Want to know how? Enter Silent Beach: literally silent, away from chaos, adults only, and no cell phones ringing—brought to you by Hillside Beach Club. For a true rest, hear nothing but the sound of the sea, gaze at the breathtaking view, and experience the tranquility of a meditation session. Above all, bond with nature in the midst of it. Listen to the soft breeze, the sound of paper as you turn pages, hear the waves… Here is a silent break to remain with you year-round, a relaxing memory to give you a smile each time you return to that moment in time. 

    Each morning, yoga classes in this tranquil atmosphere offer a chance to brush aside quotidian worries. You may very well pamper yourself with out-of-this-world Nature SPA therapies tickling all your senses. This exercise in silence is sure to get your inner voice heardand help you de-stress at a beach that almost feels like a self-discovery.

    Let the sound of the waves take you away… image


Hillside Beach Club

Where the Mediterranean caresses Hillside Beach Club's private bay, you will find an exclusive worldwide destination, which will make your dreams come to life.

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