Why A Daily Gratitude Practice Will Make You Both Happier & Healthier

Gratitude, like mindfulness, is one of those concepts that’s getting a lot of attention these days. Still, very few of us understand what it means to consciously practice gratitude, and even fewer grasp how to leverage its power. Fortunately, starting a daily gratitude practice is one of the most impactful actions you can take in improving the quality of your life. Before getting into the specifics, though, let’s look at ...

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How to Keep Fit & Healthy while Travelling

Whilst holidays are so regularly a time of indulgence, guests are often looking for ways to keep fit and healthy whilst travelling. This doesn’t have to be boring, nor do travellers need to slave away in a hotel gym but small tips and changes throughout your break can ensure you don’t arrive home with that sluggish, over-indulged feeling, but instead you’re ready to hit the ground running. Fuel your day with a big, healthy breakfast. ...

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